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5 Reasons Why a Private Jet to New York Beats Commercial Flying Every Time

Can you hear it? New York is calling! Show up in style by flying on a private jet to New York, one of the most sophisticated, stylish, and iconic cities in the world. There’s really no better way to step foot in the Big Apple than stepping down from a luxurious private jet, right?

Whether attending a business meeting, going on a romantic weekend getaway, or a family trip, a private jet to New York can completely elevate your travel experience. 

If you’re on the fence about investing in comfort and luxury by taking a private jet to New York or flying commercial, here are some of the top reasons why private beats commercial every time. 

Save Time at Security

When flying commercial, you have to show up at the airport at least two hours early to make sure you can check your bag, go through security, and find your gate all before the plane starts to board. 

When you fly a private jet to New York, you’ll save hours of your precious time. Simply pull up to the charter hanger, go through a swift security check, and bring your checked bags directly to the plane. 

No waiting at a crowded gate in an uncomfortable seat for an attendant to call your boarding group. Step right onto the jet and enjoy a champagne welcome.

Ultimate Privacy

Sitting on a commercial flight with a hundred-plus people can infringe on your private conversations, texts, or emails. 

Flying private means you have the entire plane to yourself and your passengers. You can have private business or personal conversations at a normal noise level without worrying that someone will overhear. 

Personalized Service

You’re just another ticket number on a large commercial flight. But on a private jet to New York, you’re greeted by name and catered to with a personalized white glove service. 

Before taking off, you can request custom services and indulgent food options, including alcoholic beverages. 

Luxurious Comfort

Even business or first classes on commercial flights don’t live up to the luxurious comfort that a private jet to New York offers. 

With plush individual seats that can lie flat or recline to your preference, you’ll never believe you’re 30,000 feet in the air. You can also move around the cabin freely without bumping into strangers.

Enhanced Productivity

If you’re flying to New York for a business trip or have some last-minute work to do before your vacation, flying on a private jet can enhance your productivity while traveling. 

On commercial flights, you’re tightly packed with other people and have questionable wifi connection that isn’t always available. With flight attendants and passengers constantly moving about the cabin and having conversations, you will likely become distracted from your work. 

Fly and work in peace when you choose to take a private jet to New York. 

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