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5 Questions to Ask Your New York Concierge

You could spend a lot of time planning out the details of your next trip to New York. But do you really want to? In today’s busy world, time is a valuable commodity. To make the most of it, why not leave the logistics of your next excursion to the Big Apple — whether it be for work or for pleasure — to the pros? Having the expertise of professionals trained in luxury travel means you have extra time to spend on the things that truly matter to you the most. In addition, you’ll have access to global connections and years of experience that not only reduce your anxiety, increase your level of safety and provide countless conveniences but also elevate your overall travel experience so that you are left wondering why you didn’t try a concierge sooner! Here are a few questions to ask your New York concierge to get you started:

How Long Have You Been in Business?

A good New York concierge needs to possess strong relationships with many different kinds of people. And developing those types of relationships takes time. Look for a New York concierge service that is established with years of experience so that you are better insured with access to the amenities you want and need.

How Does Your Concierge Service Work?

Some concierges require a monthly or yearly membership fee to access their services. Others get paid per service or trip. Ask about pricing and how the New York concierge service you’re considering prefers to be paid to see if its rates match your budget.

What Sets Your Services Apart from the Competition?

Let’s face it; we all want to feel special. Talk to potential New York concierges to see if there are any unique benefits or special services they can offer you that others can’t (or won’t). Pick the one that offers you the most bang for your buck. A great New York concierge will make you feel like the most important client in the world.

How Much Time in Advance Do You Need to Plan a Trip for Me?

One of the perks of using a luxury travel concierge is not having to think too much about any of the fine details of a trip. If you have to reserve services from a New York concierge months and months in advance, you might as well do things yourself. Spontaneity should be celebrated, not shunned; a good New York concierge can handle spur-of-the-moment travel requests just as effectively as those that have been considered for months or even years in advance.

How Do You Handle After Hours Requests?

The best New York concierges are available to answer your call 24/7. Period.

The Access Global Difference

To learn more about the services offered by a reputable and exclusive New York concierge, please contact Access Global. With our worldwide connections, our clients have access to all types of luxury travel options. We can make your next trip a truly memorable one!