buy a seat on a private jet

Can you Buy a Seat on a Private Jet? Here Are the Top 3 Easiest Ways

To most people, private airfare has always seemed, well… private. Left to the top 1% of society, to the mansion owners and hedge fund managers of the world: however, that’s not exactly the case anymore. As the market and consumer trends evolve over time, certain transportation options once thought unobtainable are becoming more and more common: private jets being one of them. Let’s look at the three of the easiest ways to buy a seat on a private jet.

Can I buy a seat on a private jet?

Of course! Anyone can rent a spot on a private jet — there are no hidden restrictions or secret clubs you need to be a part of. Buying a seat on a private jet is similar to buying a seat for any other kind of commercial transportation. Find a company, reserve your seat, and get there twenty minutes before your flight. A great tip for buying a charter on a private plane is to use a credit card that maximizes your return on private airfare travel. Whether you need a fast one-way flight to the other coast, have a group of people going to the Super Bowl, or you just don’t feel like putting up with commercial airfare, you can commission a private jet.

Why is private airfare more available?

Why has private aviation been growing at such a positive rate over the past few years? There are many reasons as to why. First off, many customers are unhappy with modern regulations, restrictions, and masking policies that commercial airlines are forcing upon their customers. Some people would rather pay a little more for comfort and ease than deal with the difficulties that come with commercial air flights. And secondly, the private airfare industry has been becoming more competitive with an increase in providers and booking technologies, making costs cheaper and seats more available.

How to buy a seat on a private jet?

Here are some of the 3 easiest ways to get a seat on a private jet and start your executive charter experience.

  • Direct website: The direct website of a private jet charter company is simple and straightforward. Do you need a light cabin or a medium-sized cabin? Search where you want to go, a time, and pick the private airfare site that suits your needs.
  • Travel App: Similar to Airbnb and other travel apps, there are a few new similar technologies for private aviation including PrivateFly and Wheels Up. Similar to a website, type in your flight parameters and get matched with the private airline for you.
  • Email List: Another great way to book a private flight is through a company’s emailing list or subscription. This allows you to see current flights, deals, and updates as soon as possible — perfect for the person with an ever-changing travel schedule.

If you would like to learn more about booking a private flight or you need to fly through the sky in style, contact Access Global (833) 846-9003), the private luxury travel professionals today.