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Hiring a Corporate Jet Charter That Works With Your Schedule

Chartering a corporate jet is about luxury and convenience. Executives need timely, effective solutions, especially when it comes to their schedules. Time is money, after all!

Thus, in the 21st century business world, if it’s not practical or expedient, it’s probably a waste of effort. Here’s how to hire a corporate jet charter that works with your schedule and maximizes your own business results:

Look for a Full-Service Private Aviation Company

In the past, it was not uncommon for large companies to combine their assets and purchase an aircraft to share amongst their executives. This fractional jet ownership helped each company defray some of the costs of private air transportation, but it wasn’t always conducive to efficiency, particularly if/when multiple people needed to use the plane at once. Today’s economy, however, is such that private air travel is more affordable than ever, eliminating the need for actual private jet ownership as demand has continued to drive competition. Indeed, private air travel is much more commonplace and more easily booked now than in the past. As a result, companies can look for private aviation firms when they need them, rather than keep an actual plane on standby somewhere. The key is partnering with a corporate jet charter that has access to multiple types of planes and that offers limitless destinations. Furthermore,, identifying a company to use before you actually need to book a flight will save you even more valuable time (and money), allowing you to fly when and where you need to go.

Plan Ahead

Of course, it always helps to plan ahead. To really maximize your corporate jet charter options and your costs, try to book flights as far in advance as possible. This gives your travel partner plenty of time to secure an adequate aircraft, arrange access at relevant airports and staff an appropriate crew, leaving you to worry only about what you’ll need to pack!


Making the most of your time is the best way to work within the confines of a schedule. Therefore, consider multitasking, taking care of any of your affairs that you can during your corporate jet charter so that you’ll have extra time to take care of other matters once you land. One of the advantages of chartered air travel is the privacy it affords. Passengers are able to work with little risk of intrusion from fellow passengers and have increased access to secure internet connections and even phone service, benefits that a lot of traditional travel options don’t and can’t offer.

Ready to Learn More?

Hiring a corporate jet charter doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive and can be extremely efficient, providing access to travel destinations in less time and with less hassle than many commercial options. To learn more about private aviation and the benefits it provides, please contact our team at Access Global. We’ve been offering our clients corporate jet charters for two decades and can help you find affordable solutions for your own corporate (and/or private) travel needs.