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4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Executive Jet Charter Experience

For high-level executives, travel is frequently a way of life. Clients, partners and other business associates seldom exist in only one place, so being able to get from one meeting to another with each is a critical component of many executives’ jobs. When those meetings are more than a car ride away, access to executive jet charter services provides an efficiency that’s just not possible with traditional commercial flights (…especially during a pandemic). Not only do executive jet charters save time, they can also save money, allowing executives to work and travel more productively. Here are four tips for ensuring that you get the most out of an executive jet charter experience:

Be Selective

Good business depends on good research. Before booking executive jet charter services, call around, get quotes and talk to people. Consider the services offered at each company and ask about their maintenance practices, safety record and training requirements for pilots and staff. Identify the size and type of their aircrafts, the amenities provided during flights and the volume of travel for which they are responsible each year to see if your own needs match what they can provide. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting time rather than saving it.

Know What to Expect

Before you book your flight, identify the type of plane you’ll be taking. A smaller plane will mean you’ll need to pack carefully, as it will have less storage and stricter weight limitations. You should also verify in-flight services prior to boarding; Internet and phone capabilities, along with food, drink and other entertainment services will all impact your ability to work comfortably and, thus, productively while onboard. Finally, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with executive jet charter etiquette. Typically, the host of the flight will enter the aircraft first to check that the cabin is ready for guests. And while there is usually no specific dress code on executive jet charters, you’ll want to remain cognizant of any fellow travelers, especially if you’re sharing the flight with people you may not know. To make a good impression, business attire is always appropriate. You never know what business connections you might encounter when flying privately and being dressed professionally will ensure that you don’t embarrass yourself or colleagues.

Have a Plan for When You Land

Many executive jet charters offer ground transportation upon landing. Sometimes it’s from the runway, but sometimes passengers will need to go through a terminal just like commercial passengers. Figure out how you will disembark the aircraft, retrieve any bags and get to your final destination (your meeting, hotel, etc.) so that you are not left scrounging for a taxi or Uber at the last minute. Finally, don’t forget to thank your pilot and crew. Even though tipping is normally not required on executive jet charters, if the service you received is especially superior, trying to offer a small token of appreciation to your pilot(s) and crew could go a long way in ensuring future trips are the same!


Finally, enjoy the executive jet charter experience! Take the time to find pleasure in the luxury and convenience of private travel so that you are relaxed, refreshed and ready to hit the ground fully prepared to work hard, when you arrive!

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