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3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Airplane Rental Service

If you have the financial means to rent a private airplane service for your next business trip or family vacation, doing so can make the process of traveling much easier and more efficient for everyone involved. If you’re interested in renting a private plane, you might be wondering how to do so and what steps to take to ensure that the process is as simple as possible.

Here are 3 steps to finding the perfect airplane rental service to save you some stress (and money).

1. Look Into the Cost 

While it should come as no surprise that renting a private airplane can be extremely pricey, some companies charge higher rates than others, depending on what is included in the total cost of a flight. Some companies charge extra for fuel or additional mileage, whereas others include fuel in the price of the flight and determine the cost with a flat rate for a period of time. Determining what companies charge for each service and selecting the right one based on your budget and personal needs is the first step to finding the right airplane rental service. 

2. Research Aircraft

To ensure that the private airplane you are renting is as safe as possible, be sure to do some research on the history of the specific aircraft you are looking into. Maintenance records should be available for all planes you are interested in – be sure to take a look at how well a plane has been maintained. This will not only tell you more about the plane itself but will also give you a good idea of the company you are flying with and how highly they prioritize the safety of their clients. 

3. Consider Scheduling Needs

Perhaps one of the only negatives of flying private is that, unlike commercial flights, you can not just find a flight taking off to a particular destination around the time you’d need it – you have to put in a request for a particular time and date for the destination you wish to travel to. Some planes will not be available at certain times or able to fly to certain locations, meaning you will need to be flexible in either the plane you are renting or the time in which you are able to travel. Having a good idea of your schedule in the weeks leading up to or following your trip will make it easier for you to be flexible should a conflict arise with your desired date to fly. 

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