The Secrets of Buying a Seat on a One Way Private Jet in Less than 5 Minutes

Travel is easier than ever in today’s world. Even as COVID-19 continues to surge around the globe, people have affordable options that get them from one location to another safely and efficiently; one of the most exciting and versatile of those options is private jet travel. No longer restricted to the uber-rich, private jets are now commonly utilized by people from all walks of life. Indeed, private air travel has become so convenient and competitive that many people are able to book even a one way private jet charter and still save money when they compare costs with other modes of transportation. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of the private jet experience, especially when you only need or want to book a one way private jet flight:

Conduct Initial Research

As with anything in life, a good plan aids execution. Take time to research the private jet companies in your area so that you have a clear understanding of the travel options and costs associated with each. Not all private jet companies offer the same types of aircrafts or amenities and certainly not the same type of services. Reviewing your options ahead of any specific travel needs will save you valuable time when you actually sit down to book a flight. For one way private jet travel, in particular (which can be limited in its availability), having a few potential companies already in mind will enable you to more quickly snag a coveted seat with the company offering you the services and destinations you desire.

Sign Up for an Account

After you complete your research, be sure to sign up for an account with one or two of your favorite companies. Having an account often allows you to make (and change) reservations, detail any travel requests, review flight restrictions and access invoices and receipts quickly online, bypassing the need for phone calls and possible queues. For people wanting to buy a seat (whether its on a round trip or one way private jet flight), quick access frequently means better flight options!

Be Flexible

Unlike commercial flights, private jet charters don’t have set schedules and often change their itineraries. Sign up for notifications of available flights and seats with your companies of choice so that you remain cognizant of all your options. For instance, one way private jet flights can become available at the last moment if passengers cancel or seats are left unfilled. Checking email and websites for any last minute news of these types of situations can allow you to book a flight at a discount, especially if the company is looking to secure a full flight.

Want to Learn More?

Private air travel — even one way private jet flights — can be an affordable option for reaching almost any destination. To learn more tips for scoring the best deal on your next private aviation experience, please contact our team at Access Global. We can help you get to where you need to go quickly and with the least amount of hassle!