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6 Reasons to Consider Luxury Car Rental on Your Next Vacation

If life is all about the journey, then you might as well arrive in style! Take a look at six reasons you need to consider a luxury car rental for your next vacation:


Luxury car rentals not only look great, but they are also often safer than other car rentals (especially heavy luxury sedans and SUVs). In addition to being built with stronger, more durable parts, luxury cars frequently include the best available safety features. Options like accident avoidance systems, telematics, traction, and electronic stability controls all come standard with most luxury car rentals, allowing you to take advantage of features that help monitor and control your surroundings while you’re on the road. And should you miss a turn or find yourself in an unfamiliar part of town, a luxury car rental will likely have advanced GPS navigation to lead you back to familiar terrain.


Of course, luxury car rentals are a lot more comfortable than economy car rentals. With the exception of exotic sports cars and convertibles, most luxury car rentals are extremely spacious, with larger cabins that accommodate a lot of heads, legs, and luggage! Furthermore, features like heated, customizable seats; premium upholstery leather; automatic AC; and deluxe stereo equipment that come standard with luxury car rentals make traveling from one place to another a much more enjoyable and relaxing experience.


A luxury car rental is just convenient, especially when booked through a luxury travel concierge. With Access Global, for instance, clients can book a luxury car rental and within two hours have it delivered right to their door! It doesn’t matter if they’re in Miami or Mumbai! 


While it might not seem like it, luxury car rentals can be very affordable. When compared to the cost of flying or having to pay for multiple cab rides each day, the value of a luxury car rental quickly becomes apparent. Add in the fact that many luxury car rental companies provide discounts and incentives for their clients and you can see why “splurging” for a better ride might not actually be any more expensive than other options and is frequently more cost-effective overall.


Another very good reason to consider a luxury car rental is the freedom it offers. Having a nice car to use while on vacation means you can hit the road and explore any destination at any time of the day. You aren’t limited by local transportation. Have a hankering for a midnight drive along the coast? Just hope in your luxury car rental and go! No need to wait for a taxi or get frustrated because the bus doesn’t run that late or along that route.


Finally, let’s face it. Luxury car rentals are just fun! Perhaps the best reason to book a luxury car rental for your next vacation is simply that it’s exciting to try something new or do something that’s unexpected. If you’ve never been in a luxury car, maybe your next vacation is the perfect time to step outside the box and live a little. With all the other logical reasons to try it, you shouldn’t feel bad about treating yourself to a luxury car rental at least some of the time!

Want to Learn More?

Luxury car rentals aren’t necessarily an indulgence. In many ways, they are a cost-effective and fun way to see the world. To learn more about maximizing the value of your next vacation or business trip, please contact our team of travel professionals at Access Global. With professional connections around the globe, we help deliver our clients anywhere they need to go in comfort and unparalleled style.