What to Look For When Booking Your First Chicago Private Jet

If you think booking a private jet in Chicago (or one from any other major city) is going to be difficult or too expensive, think again. Nowadays, private air travel is often more accessible than commercial options and a lot more convenient. You just need to know a few basic things. Here’s what you need to consider when booking your first Chicago private jet flight:


Any private jet — whether a private jet in Chicago or one based out of Atlanta or Dubai or wherever — will necessarily be a smaller-sized aircraft when compared to a typical commercial one. With that said, some private jets are larger than others. Before making a final decision on a private jet company, you’ll want to consider everything (and everyone!) you’ll be bringing along with you for the ride. All private jet companies have weight restrictions for their individual flights, thus limiting the amount of luggage, passengers, pets and other cargo that can be permitted onboard. You’ll want to make sure to pick a Chicago private jet company that can safely accommodate all the people and things you’ll need with you on your flight!


One of the biggest benefits of booking a Chicago private jet is convenience. Instead of having to choose from a predetermined schedule of departures and arrivals from either O’Hare or Midway International Airports, you can book a private jet in Chicago that leaves from one of more than a dozen airports in the Chicago area, vastly expanding your travel options. And because private jets have access to over 41,000 airports around the world (not just the roughly 2,000 used by commerical airliners), you can frequently arrive closer to your final destination than you would with a commercial flight. You can further maximize this convenience by shopping around for the company that offers additional discounts for your own flexibility and/or extra amenities (such as catering, beverage service, free Wi-Fi and more).


Of course, you most certainly need to look at the amenities offered on a Chicago private jet since it’s the amenities that often bring the most value to the travel experience as a whole. Both commercial and private airplanes can get a passenger from point A to point B, but only private jets can offer the type of customized services that really make a trip one-of-a-kind!


Finally, you need to look for accessibility when booking a Chicago private jet. Private air travel is supposed to be convenient, right? Therefore, it should be easy to make arrangements for all your travel needs. Make sure the private jet company you choose has 24/7 accessibility that allows you to contact and speak with actual travel representatives whenever and wherever you need them!

The Access Global Advantage

Booking your first Chicago private jet isn’t difficult if you know what you need and deserve! To learn more about private travel, including how to book a private jet that maximizes the value of your time, energy and budget, please contact Access Global. Our professional connections around the globe ensure that our clients have luxury access to all parts of the world whenever they want it!